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~ Honor Thine Own Green Spirit ~

Knowing the Healing Herbs through
Communication – Education – Conservation

Earth honoring, eco-wildcrafting herbalist, trained in the Wise Woman tradition.


Cats Tail Farm Herbal Center and Botanical Sanctuary, a small teaching facility and botanical preserve, is situated in a rural area outside of Buffalo, New York, near the village of East Aurora, on eight acres of farmland that formerly provided forage for dairy cattle.  The property passed thru the family for several generations, and a small section was finally purchased by my husband and I who are the only descendants to hold part of the original family farm.  We built our house, raised a barn, and began our efforts to reclaim the land both as a habitat for wildlife as well as to ensure a sustainable living for ourselves. In addition to cultivating medicine and food by establishing new plantings of herbs, wildflowers, garden perennials, fruiting trees and shrubs, and vegetables, we believe that it is our responsibility and calling to restore the terrain to offer diverse habitat for many native species of flora and fauna.  With this goal in mind, we are establishing “mini-medicine trails” of the less common and endangered medicinal plants that are threatened by over-harvesting or loss of natural habitat.  Among these rare treasures we are establishing stands of solomon’s seal, spikenard, stoneroot, ginseng, goldenseal, black cohosh, blue cohosh, bloodroot – and tending our single specimens of even more fragile flora.



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